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All the articles found on our website are created and analyzed carefully by a person, we inform ourselves from various sources to provide accurate information to our visitors, we always credit our sources at the end of our articles. Further, we will explain the meaning of educational technology and e-learning, we will also point out the difference between them.

Educational Technology

The field of educational technology is very wide and has many definitions, but none of them can explain in a few words what is the meaning of educational technology. Because we don’t want to be wrong, but we also don’t want to bore you, we tried to come up with something simple and right.

What is educational technology?

The use of technological resources in teaching or learning, such as numerous types of media, machines, networking hardware and communication systems, not restricted to high technology, is called educational technology.


First of all, for everyone who confuses educational technology with e-learning, we need to point out that e-learning is not the same thing as educational technology. E-learning is just an important part of educational technology.

What is e-learning?

Electronic educational technology or e-learning is the electronic learning process via high technology, typically using a computer.

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